Emotional Intelligence Exercise: Critical Thinking Lesson

False hopes quote by Tagore

Emotional Reasoning =  believing your feelings are facts with an inability to accept or take in any information more tied to facts or reality.   Feeling something is true does not mean it is.


I really want this job, so it doesn’t matter that I am not qualified.

I want her to love me, so I know in her heart she does: she is just trying to make me jealous by going out with other guys and not accepting a date with me.

I feel fat, therefore, I am fat no matter what the doctor thinks.

I don’t like you, therefore, you must be unlikable.

I feel unloved, therefore, I must be unlovable.

The stronger you feel about something, the more you must ask yourself “What if?” “What if the facts are right?”  What if other points of view are true?”  “What if I am wrong?”

Thank you and stay strong.

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