Emotional Intelligence First: revamping education

Want the good life? Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence. EI matters more than IQ  Don’t know what is meant by EI. Read this then as the poster suggests go to EFTI’s Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. 

Emotional Fitness Training and #Emotional Intelligence explained.

An #Emotional_Fitness  blog post inspired by this Daily Prompt: “You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?”

First, I would emphasize emotional fitness or what Daneil Goleman, and other gurus of human behavior call #Emotional_Intelligence.  How would I teach that? ThroughEFTI’s  Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.

FG staying strong

The teaching would start with the OMM or One Minute Meditation at preschool. There would also be lots of unstructured play and grownups playing with while modeling and teach teaching manners and kindness as the main subjects.  For a second language , and beginning with infants and toddlers, it would be  sign language.

Self-defense taught by a  Peace Dojo enters curriculum when the ages four, five, or six are reached. Reading, writing, and arithmetic would start in first grade but be taught mainly through play and with an awareness of how different children learn so help can be provided for any with learning challenges.  

Once reading and writing are firmly established  history, literature, science, and philosophy come on board, not by memorizing facts, but by critical thinking.

Art, music, and moving your body types of play would be present always and forever.

stay strong

Not everyone learns academic material at the same rate and pace.  Moreover, some types of learning are beyond many. Everyone, however, can practice kindness and be taught that is what matters most.

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas about staying emotionally strong. #Emotional Fitness Training is my third child and needs nurturing.  It takes lots of help to launch such a child and every like or comment helps. 



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