Emotional Intelligence Staying Strong Tip

Thinking ahead is part of emotional intelligence and staying emotionally fit.   This is about Hurricane Earl,  but good advice for dealing with emergencies in general.  Here are five tips from the ChristianScience Monitor:

  1. Keep in informed.
  2. Have a personalized emergency kit.
  3. Protect your home.
  4. Have alternative shelter
  5. Have an emergency plan.

See the link for more details.

As a WOW, I have lived through multiple “natural disasters.”   A number of hurricanes blew through my home town back in the  50’s.  Also endured  hiding under my desk in school because an Atomic Bomb was feared.   Blizzards hit Pennsylvania then too and not that I live in Colorado are what most likely will hole me up again.  Then there was 911 and its aftermath when we ratcheted up our emergency plans, with the biggest problem what to do with Whisper if I was downtown and David at home.   Decided David and Whisper should head for the hills and as I had Crisis Team license and training to work in a an attack, I would go where I could help.  We would eventually reconnect at Zach’s.  Nothing happened, the people of Katrina weren’t so lucky.  Do you have a true disaster plan?  It is important.

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