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FORGIVING FATHERS WHO TRIED AND FAILED. Thought as part of my celebrating my tather all this week, a plan I just developed, I would also share other posts. I also believe it is important to recognize the fathers who tried and failed. Which is why I am sharing this post.

One WOO-Wise Old One, said, we were finally grown-up when we could forgive our parents and hope they forgive us. Not easy and extremely hard with those fathers who were never known and possibly even harder when a father was abusive. This post touched my heart and I thank Life of Earth for sharing.

The idea that we all do the best we can, some can do more than others, but others fail miserably, but sadly it is the best that person can do helps me go on.

I also like the idea of Bishop Tutu’s that forgiveness means not seeking revenge and trying to be better than those who hurt us. We don’t have to forget, live with, put up with, but forgiveness does start with the idea “The did what the best they could’ and taking whatever lessons you can to be better. That helps me, hope it helps some others.

Sharing and caring and working to stay strong. This will also appear on my Facebook page.

The culmination of the end of The Mutton and Mead Medieval and Renaissance Festival, along with Father's Day, and all the posts and messages about loving fathers when I am so conflicted about my feelings for my father, has made for a fairly rocky few days.  I haven't really begun to process the end of the show, but I have no sincere praise for my father. I did and do love him, and there were positive aspects of him: his humor, the timber of his v … Read More

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    • It was a brave post am I am certain touched many. I will probably want to use some of it at some point and will let you know and get your approval. I always ask people I know who have survived much “What got you through?” You have, you know. I would like to include that in a Staying Strong post. You have done that. Thank you again for sharing.

  1. I decided to post all week about my father, mainly to gather together my good and some not so good memories. My children did not know him and my grandchildren won’t even know him by this stories unless I get them written down. I hope some who knew him will add to this. As I read other stories, I am so grateful I was lucky enough to have a loving father. Staying strong.

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