Failed Billion Dollar idea?

My money-making idea was in response to the #Emotional_Intelligence movement.  My thought?  Emotional Fitness Training. As we all need to work to staying emotionally linking to the fitness movement might make money.  Did not.

Cartoon depicting the lack of normal families.

More seats would be filled if more people practiced the #Emotional_Fitness  Daily Twelve Easy Exercise.

This post was inspired by this daily post promptClick over to whatever website you visit most often to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

I used HootSuite  and opted for this headline as inspiration from the Harvard Business news. What’s Your $1 Billion Idea?  a blog post written by Doug Sundhiem.

Not quite what the prompt called for? So whip me with soggy spaghetti noodles.

Read the story for inspiration then read for the author’s ideas about  ways to generate ideas that might make a bit of money.  Meanwhile, I am still trying to make a bit of money from the Emotional Intelligence Movement.  This poster coach explains what I mean by emotional fitness training.


Emotional Fitness Training and #Emotional Intelligence explained.

Rumor suggests one key to success is to keep trying. Turtles win the race. So at 76, here I am still trying not to make a billion, but a enough so I can live the Irish saying, “Enough is a feast”  as I keep aging and income keeps fading.

To see my newest products, what I call Poster Coaches. visit my on-line store.

Poster Coaches are  digital downloadsyou can print up in color, on card stock and then post where you see them regularly.  Most are free.  If you want me to print them up and send them to you or as a gift to another, you have to pay the pricee. The purpose of a Poster Coach is to help you think about what matters or to take your feeling temperature or to remind you how to practice an emotional fitness exercise.

I gave poster coaches away at workshops and presentations.  One student I ran into three years after a presentation, showed me she used a Poster Coach as the cover to her three-ring binder. Made me teary eyed.  And as my business motto is “Make Money Doing Good.” I could also claim  success if not at making money at least at spreading a bit of inspiration and knowledge.

stay strong

Not everyone  can be a media star or make buckets of money.  Still everyone can become an Emotional Fitness Star. How? Remember what matters, practice kindness, laugh and play, forgive, and be grateful for all you have been given.

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas about staying emotionally strong. Your help might make my dreams come true. Every like or comment helps. 



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