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This Emotional Fitness Training blog post explores the Curse of Personal Knowledge. Not stepping out of our personal view-point lowers #emotionalintelligence and creates conflict.

A six or nine? Depends on your perspective.
An example of the Curse of Personal Knowledge: Thank you drlarrybrooks.com for this cartoon. 


The Curse of Personal Knowledge is defined as you  knowing something and not being able to image others don’t know it also. It is a cognitive flaw meaning twisted or false thinking.

Expecting others to know what you know creates conflict, but also diminishes your empathic abilities. Emotional intelligence experts list empathy as the ability to understand another person’s feelings. Doing so demands stepping out of the box of your personal beliefs.

Here are some quick examples of The Curse of Personal Logic: Thinking someone is stupid because they do stuff you don’t or won’t do. Thinking you have the only window on truth. Thinking another is dressed weirdly.  Thinking children or animals think as you do.

Tip one:  Remember that personal knowledge has the power to curse you and others.  Assume it is working all the time in you and those you speak to. See conflict as arising from differences in personal knowledge

Tip two: Think about your audience. Dumbing down has a bad name, but at times eases conflict.  Moreover, it you think more about knowledge acquired or not acquired you will realize you are not necessarily dumbing down, but lifting up by sharing knowledge. Of course, your efforts must not hint of patronizing or ego.

Tip three: Ask for feedback. “Am I being clear?”  “Do you see something different?” “What is your take on this?”


Remember that all personal knowledge is both a blessing and a curse. Remember to think about what matters.  When personal knowledge conflicts arise, use a self soothing skill to say calm so your can think calmly and clearly.

Here is today’s free Poster Coach, EFT’s One Minute Meditation.

Directions for the One Minute Meditation, an #emotionalfitnessexercise.

This post was inspired by this  Word Press Weekly Writing Challenge Leave your shoes at the door.

Finally, this post starts what I call  Favorites. I need to spend more time writing my books.  So I will be posting old posts. Off and on. Some like this one will be a personal favorite for the week before but also from long ago.  Others will be your favorites.  This one is my favorite of this week. The concept of the Curse of Personal Knowledge pulled together many ideas others and I have about how our thinking is distorted by feelings, past knowledge, and intuition.  Mega improved understanding for me. Hope it resonates with you.

As always, thank you for all you do. I am particularly grateful to those who practice internet kindness by liking, rating, commenting, or sharing my posts.




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