Daily Word Press Post Prompt: What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?  I probably told a great many lies yesterday.  First, my thoughts on lying in general via an Emotional Fitness Training Poster Coach.

EQ poster: When okay to lie.

When you lie, do so for the right reasons.

Most of the lies I told yesterday were to myself.  Promises I meant to keep but could not.  Only bad if I beat up on myself or fail another by not doing as I expected to do. The only one still bothering me is the promise to get a letter off to my grandson.  Guilt is good when it makes you do what you should. Will write that letter when I finish this. 

Then there were the lies of omission.  Let’s see if I can dig one of those up.

Ah yes, I didn’t tell my husband the Sushi I bought cost $7.00.  I only said, I treated myself to some Sushi.  He didn’t ask how much and I didn’t tell.  We are trying to watch our budget. That means I am a full time short order cook, so every once in a while I treat myself to something can’t make myself.  Cooked salmon for the boss, but had half my sushi for dinner and plan the other half for today’s lunch.

Think that covers it, but maybe that’s a lie.  Aging memory does wipe things out. 

stay strong

Remember what matters most is The Mission and that means trying to make your part of the world a bit kinder for all you meet.  You can be kind to me by sharing this post if you feel another will profit. Don’t want to share it? How about liking it? 


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