False Fears Erode Emotional Intelligence: Staying Strong Tips

Jokes by John Wagner, creator of Maxine, about fears.Emotional Fitness Thoughts

Most fears are false fears. Learning to laugh at such fears strengthens your emotional intelligence.Three tips will help.

Tip one: Start by learning to rate your fears. A Red Light Fear is immediate life threat: someone is running at you with a knife; you wake up at night smelling smoke and hearing sirens. Yellow Light Fears are possible future harm you don’t exercise or eat properly or you over exercise and diet excessively. Green Light Fears are those Maxine lists where there is a one in a ten thousand chance of you will be harmed: shaking hands with someone who has been diving. 

Tip two: label all Yellow and Green Light Fears  “False Fears” 

Tip three: When false or mostly false fears visit, distract yourself with a song, a dance,  chant a helpful slogan or enjoy some yoga laughter.   Here’s a great site about yoga laughing:  Sebastien Gendry’s  2O yoga laughter exercises.

This post was inspired by Joan Thompson Dyer and Charlotte Fahey , two friends from my college days at the University of Delaware Class of 1959. 

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