I am getting a number of comments that have little to do with my posts. I block them as spam, so think no harm will come to you or me from them.  I am also contacting WP support to see what they have to say.

I think they are spam for two reason, they relate only in a very haphazard way to my posts and seem to be in response to someone else’s posts.

A number of people confuse Emotional Fitness Training with Emotional Field Therapy.  It might be people coming here  who have confused my EFT with that EFT.  If so and if you are reading this your posts are coming to the wrong site.

Emotional Field Therapy is a form of hypnotic treatment involving tapping.  Many find it useful.  Almost any treatment helps some people some of the time.  

The other reason I suspect these  are fishing for information is that the posts are for the most part written in a way that makes me assume  English is a second language and not fully mastered.

If you are uncomfortable about this, unsubscribe. You might first subscribe to my newsletter and when this is all straightened out, I will announce the resolution there. Also if you are on Facebooks all my posts go there.

Meanwhile stay strong, as always I am working on every day.




  1. Good luck, Ms. Katherine! Spamming is annoying in the least, and can get downright dangerous or emotionally damaging. I also dislike highly the people who will jump into an “open conversation” you are having and start poking at you and the others you’re talking to, trying to find all the “sore spots”!! (There’s a name for it, but I can’t remember right now…). I’m sure that this will all get straightened out soon….you’re a determined woman! 😉 Blessings to you and those you love!

  2. Yes each day there are five or six strange comments in my spam folder and as you say they bear little or no resemblance to anything in my blog and English is definitely not the first language.
    Thanks Katherine for your daily support.

    • These make it to me as comments and I have to put them in my spam folder. One just arrived asking for money, but in a round about way. Need to hear from wordpress, how to stop them. Disturb my creating calm in my life. Happy birthday to your daughter. Trying to stay strong, your support helps.

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