Sneaky Hypnotists build on prejudices. Think about young men in hoodies,  women in Burgas, men in Yarmulkes, “people whose skin is a different shade.”

Prejudice quotes

Prejudice starts in pain or fear. Pain is personal and leads to  fear. As one theorist claims, all negative feelings are pain or fear of pain. A useful thought.

However, not all fears come from personal experiences, Prejudices, in particular are passed down from one generation to another.  As the Roger and Hammerstein noted  about generational prejudices:

You've got to be taught to hate and fear
Your got to be taught from year to year
It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught to be afraid 
Of people whose eyes are oddly made
And people whose skin is a different shade
You've got to carefully taught

You've got to be taught before it's too late 
Before you are six or seven or eight 
To hate all the people your relatives hate 
You've got to be carefully taught 
You've got to be carefully taught

Moreover, much of the teaching before you are six or seven or eight gets buried and you do not think it is part of you. That explains how many loving people think of themselves as unprejudiced or open-minded.  Sneaky self-hypnotism at work.

Early teachings about what matters lurk quietly in the part of your mind that wants to keep you safe.  Anything unknown is thought by that part of the brain to be dangerous. That bottom layer of prejudicial thinking.

Many fears and hurts collect as a whirl pool above the instinctual  fear of the unknown.  Some of the collected fears  start with the teachings of parents and religious leaders.

Want an example:  A former Catholic and one time altar boy no longer believes in God but pickets against abortion and  has no Jewish or protestant friends. Sneaky Hypnotism pulling on earliest teachings and  fears of damnation still at work.

What to do? Here are five tips:

Emotional Fitness  Tip One: Be aware of early teachings and their  attractiveness to Sneaky Hypnotism.  That includes early hurts, early parental teachings, and religious teachings.

Emotional Fitness Tip Two: Know that what you feel most passionate about needs the most thinking about.  Why the saying, “Love is blind” echos across the millennia.

Know that any label applied to more than one person is  a generalization as well as the most common form of twisted thinking.

Emotional Fitness Tip Three: Take a self-defense course. Peace Dojo’s do it best. Confidence is a useful armor against fear and sneaky hypnotism.

Emotional Fitness Tip Four: Seek to understand; the more we know, the more our commonalities remind us we are one.

Emotional Fitness Tip Five:Trust, but not blindly. Weigh actions, treatment of others when extending trust.


Tip One: The most important way to inoculate a child against prejudice remains teaching good manners which mean respect and kindness toward all.  You must model what you want to teach.

Tip Two:  Challenge beliefs that promote prejudice. The most common one is the idea that there is only one way to believe in God in order to get to heaven. Creates the damned and the saved divide.

Tip Three: Always remember age and stage. The younger your child, the more your actions matter. As the child enters school, you can teach directly. The teen years are the years to hone your debating skills and hold to your knowledge of what matters.

Tip four:  Make use of Emotional Fitness Training’s Free Poster Coaches.   Poster Coaches reinforce parental values as well as teach critical thinking. Browse the store, download the ones that speak to your values, print them up on card stock and in color. Then post one or two as reminders to you and your family of what matters.  Use the quotes at Family meetings to open discussion.

Don’t have family meetings? A must as soon as your children enter school. My book How to Hold a Successful Family Meeting costs less than a movie, lasts longer, and does more good.

Tip five: Get your child karate training with a Peace-Dojo


Practice Deliberate Internet kindness eby liking,  commenting or share  posts. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kindnesses strengthen you as well as the recipient of  your efforts.

Thank you for all you do.  Work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.



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Dear person reading this, Right now it your are my audience and I am grateful for your reading this far. Stay strong, love all and stay safe.



  1. Dear, Katherine. I always find your posts very helpful for my personal emotional fitness. The particular post resonants with me because I come from the second generation of ex Catholics (my parent nor I are religious). However, I still feel the call of the Roman Catholic Church inside my heart. I feel pride. Proud of what “law” that people have followed for thousands of years, and the people who carved it into history. I understand that times have changed, so I will do my best to listen to my heart.

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