World’s Best To Do List: 1. Make to do list; 2. check off first thing on your To Do List. 3. Realize you have already accomplished two things. 4. Reward yourself.

To do list quotes To Do Lists have some merit and not just by  giving you things you can cross off and feel good about.  What goes on there, however, needs doing with care.  Lots of care. Here are some tips.

Tip one: Control what goes on yours. Don’t let other people make additions

Tip two: Make safety a priority. We all put off the mundane things that keep all safe. like safety inspections of your car, bike, skis, or making sure the chimney is not stopped up.

Tip three: Make health a priority.  We also put off routine preventive care and worse taking care of ourselves when sick.  Nor only should we take sick days when sick, but if stress is building we need to use one or two sick days as “recovery from distress” days.

Tip four: Do what you need to do to keep your job unless of course you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. It helps to accept that jobs are what you get paid to do and not the way to find the Blue Bird of Happiness. Work is called work for a reason.

Tip Five: Always include fun events. Make dates to play,

Tip five:  Take an entire “Don’t Do” day at least several times a month.   Observing the Shabbat is one of the Ten Commandment and all To Do LIsts need to include break days.

Following these tips is a bit easier when you hone your procrastination skills. This Poster Coach might help:



Parenting tip one: Little ones need help organizing, so do teach to do lists.

Parenting tip two: Good enough is good enough.

Parenting tip three: Start early.  Chores can be the first things on a child’s To Do List.  Toddlers can put toys away, take some things to the waste basket, and put their clothes in the dirty laundry basket.  Builds good habits. Kids want to help.

Parenting tip four: Rewards help, after all your pay check is a reward.  Thank you is enough early on, six and seven-year olds like to earn stars, teens want privileges.  Not rewarding is a punishment, and that is a proper way to punish; proper punishments are not abuse, but lessons.

Parenting tip five:  Insist on the things that matter.  Children do what parents insist they do, not always happily, but somethings need doing whether they make you happy or not.

What should be insisted upon: Staying safe and healthy, cleaning up after yourself, and learning to pull your share in doing what needs to be done for the good of all.


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