Flowers in Riverside Park (via My Beautiful New York)

For my New York Friends. The east has a lushness that doesn’t make it all the way to Colorado, so that could be the number three thing we miss-family, friends, lushness. Do not miss the heat and humidity that create the lushness. And Civic Green Park where I have taken many of my Be With Beauty pictures is two blocks away. Staying strong. Thank you for this.

Flowers in Riverside Park Sometimes I don't really feel like getting going in the morning. I'm in a groove with my writing and I don't feel like waking the kids or setting their cereal on the kitchen table (I know, I know, they're spoiled and they should do that themselves). To cheer myself up, I think, "Hey, you'll get to ride past the flowers in Riverside Park." There is no garden lovelier. It was the backdrop for the reunion scene in the movie, You've Got Mail. When th … Read More

via My Beautiful New York

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