This post from the Daily Challenge brought tears to my eyes.

And Then A Hero Comes Along…250 Heroes, To Be Precise « The Laughing Housewife.

And here is CNN’s more complete story about this group of seniors.

American has lost a great deal by its infatuation with the young.  We had students living with us for several years before we moved from the Bronx.  Two groups were particularly delightful–any from an Asian background and those from a Latino background.  Both groups did not see someone past 30 as not worth listening too or someone past sixty as invisible.

As I was searching for more about this story, I ran across another image that showed the difference between the Western attitude toward aging and the Asian attitude. This picture was taken at a dance festival  held in Kagoshima City, Japan, November 3rd, 2008. Elderly Japanese Festival Dancers in wheelchairs brave the rain at the Ohara Matsuri dance festival. They are being pushed by young volunteers who are also holding umbrellas to ward off the rain.


Second IMAGE  elderly‑japanese‑festival‑dancers‑in‑wheelchairs‑thumb12664314.jpg

The experts speak of the importance of social capital–meaning the resources that are available from the people living in a community.  If any country can survive the disasters facing them it will be Japan.  They survived total and humiliating defeat in a war that ending with the Atomic Bombs destroying two of their cities.  How easily they could have let hate and the desire for revenge fester in their hearts as most other defeated groups have done.  Instead they became staunch allies of their enemies and moved forward with their lives.  Would more were able to do the same.

Stay strong, think about what matters, care and dare to share.


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