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Click on the links to download. Most are EFT’s Poster Coaches and designed to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence by reminding you what matters — being kind and working to make the world a better place. Some walk you through Emotional Fitness Exercises and others provide a laugh or two.  Enjoy.

Sad to Happy Feeling Thermometer

Measuring happiness on a feeling thermometer

Feelings are signals and the more you are aware of feelings, the stronger your Emotional Intelligence. Feeling Thermometers serves keep you in touch with your feelings. Print this one up and post it where you will see it off and on through out your day. When you see it, check out how you are feeling at that moment.

The One Minute Meditation

A One Minute Meditation designed to give you time to remember what matters

Feelings are both signals and calls to act. The stronger the feeling, the more it wants you to act quickly and as the feeling suggests. The researchers know that strong feelings telling you to fight or run away often find you doing things you regret. Such feelings  come on like 911 sirens and push you to act without thinking. The Emotional Fitness Game Plan calls for stopping to think before acting. The OMM is a tool for slowing down the urge to act.

Staying Strong Poster

Remember What Matters

#emotionalintelligence building blog post.Remembering what matters

The researchers have found out that the sages of the ages knew that what mattered was kindness and trying to make the world better for all. The commercial world pushes other values but often the wrong ones. Moreover, while not every one can be rich, powerful, or famous, everyone can be kind.

Know Your Mission

Quotes about missions

Not sure of your mission, think about buying my e-Book Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals. It costs $3.00, less than a latte and does longer lasting good.

Seeking Beauty

Picture and quote about finding beauty

Beauty is all around us, but we too often fail to see it or to take even a moment to enjoy it. Not healthy, Learn to seek beauty not just in the world of nature, but every where you go.  In a crowded subway there are beautiful colors, shapes, and faces.

When and wherever you find beauty, take a few moments to OMM and enjoy.

A Be With Beauty Quote

Laughing Joke

Joking about heaven and soft ball.



This is a PDF talking about how to add laughter to your life in healthy ways.

Buddy Hackett Jokes

Some Poster Coaches are designed to be posted at your workplace. This is one. Enjoy

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