WANT A COACH, THINK YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY A HEFTY FEE?  THINK AGAIN.  Time limited offer of Emotional Fitness Training’s Remember What Matters  Poster Coach.  What you get: The poster shown here, plus an introduction to Emotional Fitness Training Tools and how to use them; plus, specific instructions for using this particular Poster Coach.  Everything is in PDF for easy down loading.  Click here to download,

This Poster Coach focuses on Remembering What Matters, an important tool in dealing with sad, mad, and bad (guilt and shame) feelings  created by the stress of modern life.

I am planning to start marketing my various EFTI tools extensively starting in  September.  I am hoping some of my subscribers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blog friends will down load, use or give to someone else to use and then give me feed back. Therapists these might prove useful in reinforcing some cognitive skills.

If the poster proves helpful and I know it does when used as directed, I ask three things in return

  1. An endorsement I can use in marketing.
  2. Constructive criticism
  3. Help with pricing. I always have difficulty deciding on pricing.  Ebooks , are inexpensive.  While a book Poster Coach is not a book, I think even though shorter than most ebooks, this has the added value of the poster and  can be priced like an Ebook.  I am thinking of $0.99 as a starting price for a one poster Poster Coaches. I also would like to know what might be a reasonable fee to ask an agency or school for the right to down load as many poster coaches as possible.

Here is the link to the file: Remember What Matters  It takes you to the cover of the direction booklet.  You can make comments on this page or email me at [email protected] or comment Facebook . Your caring will help me stay strong and helping others keeps you strong.


    • What a nice way to come back to the material world after the Shabbat. Thank you. I am only giving it away for a week or ten days; then I am selling it as an introductory special for the $.99, but do hope to ramp it up to $3.99 which is the Ebook Equivalent of $10.00. It is not quite a book, but I think has added value. You lifted my spirits and strengthened my hopes. Thank you so much.


  1. I got “turned on” to EFT via my sister (who’s also a professional therapist). Support toward a healthier me is good on a bunch of levels. Not only am I filling my life up with heathier thinking habits (mind body connection beneficial), taking unguilty personal time (spiritual replenishment), and being self-nurturing (better food choices, physically more willing to move-it/lose it) – others benefit too. Hubby, family, co-workers, acquaintances are getting a less reactive me and a more responsive & responsible me.

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