CAN’T FORGIVE?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  HOLDING ON TO PAST HURTS, HOWEVER, DAMAGES YOU.  This free E-booklet and its accompanying two Poster Coaches  strengthen the ability to forgive.  It will be posted for a week.  Please share the link, but do not make print copies except for your own use.  Thank you.

Emotional Fitness Training is about strengthening and skills building through self-care tools, blog support, Poster Coaches, and email coaching.  Neither nrw age, nor magic,  each tool and exercise is based on research practices known to improve the ability to control negative feelings.

EFT is not therapy and does not take the place of therapy when therapy is needed.   Therapy is about healing or learning to live with a chronic condition.  The tools and exercises can be used as an adjunct to therapy, doing so should be done with the knowledge of the treating therapist.

EFT’s Shrink Think posts are mainly directed to consumers, but beginning counselors, child care staff, teachers, graduate students will find them useful.  Many are drawn from the knowledge I gained in graduate school, as a therapist, as a professor, and finally as a consumer of mental health services. Educated consumers make the best use of mental health services.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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