Are we through or passing through, that is the question.

TOPIC 89 Through as in ended or through as in going through one door to another.  No matter what you believe at some point the body we inhabit gives up, we die. Most of us don’t like to think about that even when we have great faith that we are passing to a better world.  This article is a book review.  I haven’t read the book, probably won’t, nevertheless I am tempted to read it and I know many who need to read it.

‘Best Care’: We Make Death Harder Than It Has To Be : NPR.

Here is a quote that pretty much sums it the author’s perspective:”When I talk to people and encourage them to fill out these advanced directives, these days I don’t start by saying, ‘This is how you can protect yourself or retain control over your body.’ I say, ‘This is a way for you to take care of your family if a crisis happens and you’re unable to speak for yourself, and they, those that you love, will be left to struggle with decisions about your treatment and care.’

STAYING STRONG TIP  You may be tired of hearing this, but unless you are homeless and plan to die on the streets and be buried in a pauper’s grave, doing three things will bring you peace of mind:

  1. Making it clear how you want to be treated if you can no longer communicate.  That is what an advanced directive is all about. As long as you can communicate you can  tell those caring for you what your wishes are.  If life so precious to you that you want every effort made to keep you breathing? Do you want to be fed with a feeding tube?  Do you care if you are wearing diapers, unable to move? Not nice questions, but the ones you have to think about.
  2. Making your own funeral arrangements and prepaying for it and all expected expenses. .  Only then will you know where you will be buried, what kind of service you want,  if and how you want your grave marked.
  3. Writing your will and keeping it up to date.  This is particularly important if you want some of your personal belongings to go to certain people.

So if you haven’t done these things,  do them now.  Do it not for you, but for those you love.

Expect me to nag you about this.

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    • I know which is why the why my Cranky Old Man has yet to fill out an advanced directive. He had done the arranging the funeral bit, but that took years of nagging. Would have saved a bundle years ago. So it goes. And he does need to up date his part of our will. Life goes on for now and I nag him more than the rest of the world. Which is probably why he doesn’t listen. Staying strong.

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