From the Downhill Slope

What Does It Feel Like To Be 75? Say Goodbye To Spry : NPR

Some just don’t get aging, particularly the young.  Sigh.  Lipstick not properly applied?  Counter’s not clean?  Failing closeup eyesight, one of the first senses to go.  Walking slower?  Not eager to bend over?  Aging bones and balance.  Repeating yourself?  Failing memory.  Ignoring you?  Failing hearing.  Sigh again.

Some hope this stimulation suit will build empathy, only if all young are forced to wear one.  Won’t happen, but might be a useful Health Class Activity.  Maybe the time will really come when I won’t be honked at if not fast enough crossing the street and I am still fairly spry, but too afraid of falling to run unless by life is in real danger.  Staying strong.

This comforted by aging body and soul as it made the point some do get it.

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