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LIFE NOW :  September 19, 2010

So my stubborn husband, despite being  admonishment not to, decided to observe Yom Kippur by fasting.  He is diabetic and excused from fasting.  He over-ate before and after and is now in the emergency room. He was uncomfortable  the night before, but felt okay in the morning, came home from services reporting he “felt fine.”  Ate too much.  Then had a hard time sleeping; I did too and was up and writing in the middle of the night.  I  went back to bed about 4:00 and  woke up at 8:00. David said “Look at me.”  There was blood all over his face.  He had thrown up starting about 7:00, tried to make it to the bathroom, fell, hit his head.  Being deaf,  I slept through it all.

So he wanted me to drive him to Urgent Care, but I called Daniel instead and he said, “Call 911.”  Which is what I knew had to be done. I should have just done it in the first place.  Such a wuss when David is telling me what to do.   I called 911  and had David speak to them which he did willingly.  Ten minutes later Eight EMT’s entered the house…Seems they were have a training at the fire house up the road and the training came here.   Eventually, they whisked David off to the hospital.

Dan and Amy came down to help me clean up and then to go to the ER.  Amy cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and by the bed.   Both Dan and I have the kind of stomach that only adds to such messes  if we try to clean them up.   Amy deserves a Badge  of  Honor. Now both are off to the emergency room to see what is happening.  As Iam  still struggling with a virus I do not want to hang around a hospital or emergency room.

Hopefully, I can pick David up later today.  He may have a bowel obstruction—at least that is what my nurse friend Lynn thinks it might be and I am hoping we will not need surgery to deal with that.  If  so he will have to go to  St. Joseph’s hospital which he hates.  That is where he had his surgery.  If that is the case I will visit him there tonight.  Am hoping I can just bring him home.

Sadly, it is Daniel’s last day before starting his new job and what was to be a relaxing day has been ruined.  “No good people go unpunished.”

More when I know more.  Men, probably that should be people, are  so stubborn.  Perhaps he will really figure out he has to follow a more sensible diet.  He is  eating better generally, but has never not fasted his whole life.  Sigh.  Guess, he won’t do that next year.

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