LIFE NOW    September 20, 2010  David report.  He  had an MIA this morning. The tests are back and the decision—surgery.  He has to give up his gall bladder.  His first reaction was a definite “No.”  For those of you not in the know, he had a 5 pound tumor removed in June and it was not an easy surgery or easy recovery.  I can fully understand his first reaction.

His first “No” soften enough that he decided to call his brother who is the doctor in the family and always ready to help with advice.  Raphael’s opinion:  “Must have the surgery.”  So it will be done.  Not sure when, but hoping it will be tomorrow.

True confession, was  glad not to be in the decision process.  Better to step aside which isn’t always that easy. Thank you Raphael.

David reported he gave the nurses a difficult time.  I suspect that was a reaction to whatever he was given as a sedative  for the MRI.  Curiously, when I reminded him that he had  a bad reaction to the anesthesia and after medication following his June surgery, he did not remember.  Floored me.  He was deeply depressed and super irritable.  Nice to not have memories of bad times.

He has now also had a Cat Scan and I assume when the results from that are in, the surgery will be scheduled.

Most of my day was caring for Ben. He has been doing what we call the backward crawl—arching his back and throwing himself backward, for over a month.    Weird crawl, but it got him where he wanted to go and showed great bodily creativity.  Now that is a thing of the past, well almost.  He started crawling on his hands and knees about two weeks ago.  He has also perfected the gorilla crawl—something his Uncle Zach used exclusively.  Ben  is now intent on learning to pull himself up.  He might be an early walker.  His father was.  Time will tell.  It is a joy to be part of his life and saddens me that wasn’t more possible with Max.

I still have some virus stuff going on, but it is fading a little more each day.  Am weary and will sleep.  So that’s the LIFE NOW report.  This is not what my LIFE NOW reports were to be in my head, but for now this is it.  Later more reflections or that is my plan.  Time will tell.

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