From the Downhill Slope


Although I am writing this part of my blog from the perspective of someone heading downhill because of age, there are lots of way people find themselves on a downhill.  Chronic illness is one, downward mobility is another.  My birth family was one hit by downward mobility, but in many ways it strengthened me.  Now that I am aging not only does my body keep me from being as mobile as I would like, decreasing financial power limits what I can do.  I am always curious about how others deal with life struggles, so these links  interested me.  The first link is how faith might help.

Dealing with ‘downward mobility’ –

The second link tells some personal stories.

I know my faith in the power of love and my hope that an over arching spiritual force works toward the greater good of all helps me stay strong.   Most important remains contact with others–family, real life friends and internet friends.  Then there is my writing.  Finally, my sense of gratitude and wish to give back.  I have been given so much while so many have so little.

Stories of strength post a danger for those who get broken by life.  Too much trauma,  too little security, not enough food are all destroyers of strength.  Remembering that keeps me from judging others harshly.  We do the best with what we are given and until all are giving enough, the path to peace on earth stays hidden.

What are your thoughts about what keeps people beset by life blows moving ahead?

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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