From the Downhill Slope

REFLECTIONS:  Death approaches all.

I was fortunate when as a spanking new, still wet behind the ears medical social work, I was assigned to visit patients struggling with a diagnosis of cancer.  The doctor who requested my services was straight forward in his conversation with his patient.  Blunt some would say and that was long before Kubler-Ross got us thinking about Death and Dying.

I say I was fortunate because I learned to accept the possibility of my death while still young and healthy and the experience enhanced my joy in life  and strengthened me for riding the bumps of the downhill slope.  This article explores death from a Buddhist perspective.

What Makes You Think You’ll Live Forever?.

A QUOTE: “Barely above a whisper, Rinpoche said, “Many sages have said that if you don’t understand death, you don’t understand life. You take it for granted and waste it. If you understand it, and even if you don’t finish the path at the time of your death, you will have no regrets, and will have the confidence to go on to the next life and continue the journey.”

Have you faced your death? Are you running from aging or using the time you have to live fully?

Every time you put off something for another day, you might be wasting that something.  Every time you don’t let someone know you care, you might never have the chance to do so again.  So face this reality:  you or those you care about might die tomorrow;  live your life accordingly.

Stay strong

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