TROUBLE SLEEPING?  THREE  WIKI HOWs TO HELP Yesterday’s Daily Post Question asked if you had trouble falling asleep.   Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, ask anyone who has difficulty fall asleep on staying asleep.  If you have trouble falling asleep, here are three Wikihow posts that might help.  I started the first two and another contributor pointed the way to the third.

Many things make it hard to fall asleep.  Small doses of caffeine taken in the early afternoon  keep me awake.   When a waiter fails to bring me decaf as requested I am up for hours.  So can a nap, particularly one that lasts longer than fifteen minutes.

The caffeine effect is  a chemical imbalances and some people have inborn chemical imbalances that make sleep difficult.

Some people, and I seem to be one, need less sleep than others.  when a college student I could pull all-nighters with little effect the next day.  As I have aged, so have my sleep needs and all-nighters now  leave me not feeling up to par.  Still I seem to do very well on five hours of sleep.  Recent studies that say you must have eight or more hours of sleep pushed my worry button until I decided to let my body be my guide in how much sleep I need. Now that I don’t have to go to work every day,  if I can’t get enough sleep at night, I have the luxury of napping.  A long nap means not going to bed until after midnight, but that just gives me added hours to read or write.

What most people don’t know is that a trauma can lead to insomnia and if not treated lengthens  or makes recovery impossible.  A trauma sets the body’s alerting-to-danger on high add to a worrying-brain foils efforts to sleep.

If the above wikihows don’t let you sleep, get medical help.  Sleep clinics or a consultation with a competent psychiatrist will help you find  sweet dreams.  Don’t let stigma, particularly stigma related to seeking psychiatric help,  stop you from seeking the help you need.   Sleep well and stay strong.

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