You can read it for free in this  no charge time limited offer.  After years of procrastinating and retreating and giving up, I have managed to post my book WHEN GOOD KIDS DO BAD THINGS (WGKDBT) on my blog.  Published by Norton by 1991, it was a best seller in Spanish (sigh-not a winner  here too anti-the advice of the day).  The only thing I would change now is to add a chapter for the seriously emotionally challenged child.

WGHDBT was based on my experience with my in-trouble with the law foster children,  Although most would garner a DSM DX today, that was then and not so acceptable.  None of my good kids wanted therapy or to see a shrink.  Better to be bad than mad.   I have since directed a mental health  crisis team and with a group of parents and parents advocates developed a highly successful 12 week training called Caring For Challenging Children.  I am turning that into an Ebook, but will need time.  Meanwhile,  I think  this one remains relevant.

My life as a foster parent changed my view of the advice given parents and the way most therapists work.  For a while I sought an alternative career, but did come back to viewing therapy through the eyes of an educated consumer and re-entered the field with hopes of making the help given parents and kids more relevant.   The purpose of this book and my blog is to share knowledge about emotional fitness not just for parents but for all.

Browse the book.   The bulk of the book covers stand alone chapters about the things kids do ranging from relatively normal parent/child conflicts to the things that end kids up in jail as adults.  Some of the kids I cared for committed suicide as adults; some ended up in Attica; most lived okay lives.

The final three chapters offer specific steps parents can use to move a kid in a better direction as well as an emotional fitness self-care program for parents. If a stressed-out parent you might want to start with that last chapter.  I am proud of this book, I had a good editor and lots of other help to make it worthy.  I am proud to share it with my network of friends.

Comments positive or negative greatly appreciated.  Sharing also appreciated.  This free offer will expire, but will be replaced by another free Emotional Fitness Tool of one sort or another.

PS. I will next try to figure out how to post the Spanish edition.  Staying strong sharing knowledge.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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