HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT YOUR LEGACY?  Oprah ended her show making the point that the human need for validation is almost as universal as the need to eat.  I write to share knowledge, but also to be validated.   Here is a site that might make it easier for sharing.  I am exploring it, and suggest you do the same.

Story of My – Write and preserve your life stories forever.

As someone on the Downhill Slope of Life I know how validation diminishes for many–we become invisible to most, our children have heard our stories over and over again even if we don’t remember telling them.  I write now in hopes my grandchildren will read and even if I am not around they well be nourished, amused, and feel my love.

As I try to put together the bits and pieces of my family history, it pains me that so much I was told has vanished with the wind.  As I research, there are some facts, but many myths and more forgotten or never known.  As a child, I truly hated my grandmother.  I have since read some letters of hers and see now that she would  be diagnosed by today’s mental health professionals as being bi-polar .  My understanding has softened my view of her and made me wish I had more of her letters to read or a journal.

STAYING STRONG TIP: No matter what your age, writing the Story of Your Life is strengthening.  Writing has been long seen as a way to sort out tangled feelings and show what has been and what might be.

I kept journals in my youth.  I have six of them filled with quotes and my own wanderings.  I stopped keeping them when I got a computer.  The writing in my journals is  fading, the paper growing more and more fragile, still reading one or the other, every now and then comforts.  The journals will probably not survive to be passed on.  Hopefully, what I write and save electronically will live and nourish those I love as well as others who happen upon them. I wish the same for you and the sooner you start, the stronger you will grow.

Share your knowledge.  Stay strong by caring.



    • Two advantages I think. Structure and suggestions for those who need such ordering and motivating. I need the structuring as I wander from idea to idea. The more attractive possiblity was the promise of permanent storage so future generations would have access to it. I posted it mainly to encourage people to begin early and in a more organized fashion than I have done to note their family stories and their own. . I think so many wonderful stories about those who have gone before get lost and knowing such stories builds identity and a sense of self and provide some life lessons. Of course, the world as we know it could be sent back to the Dark Ages the way things are going; however, I have hopes I can leave something behind, someone will read and laugh or enjoy perhaps learn something that means something to them. Meanwhile I keep busy and content. One of my ways of staying strong.

      I do see that many bloggers are using their blogs to journal their lives, I was trying to reach a different audience.

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