FLIRTING LIKE A HOT TO TROT TEENAGER   My printer died.  It has had a long life and been faithful, but its time came.  David wanted to check out some stuff so that meant a trip to BEST BUY.   We spent about an hour or so looking at this or that.  I bought a new printer, scanner, low ink user for less than I paid six years ago for my now dead one and that was a cheap one.   But had fun along the way.

Best Buy has put on about 5  sales people for ever customer.  Blink and someone else is asking if you want help.  Not something I always enjoy, I like browsing.  But you also know I like giving out compliments, so I spent most of the hour flirting and making nice-nice. It was so easy.  All I had to do was say  when one asked if they could help me,   “I heard Best Buy has hidden a Million dollars in each of their stores to draw in the customers. Tell me where it is and I’ll split it with you.”  Always got a laugh and then I could say, “I love a man with a sense of humor and one with such beautiful eyes.  Too bad my husband keeps a close eye on me.”  Sometimes it was a beautiful smile or nice build or whatever caught my eye.  Everyone who wanted to help me left with either a laugh or a smile, I started glowing.  Fun for all.

Then I came home and read this blog entry.  Now it is your turn. Read it, Some are for those you love, but others  need to be said to almost everyone you meet.

Little Words with Absolutely Huge Meaning – Use Them – by Dumb Little Man.

STAYING STRONG TIP   Practice saying those words until they come naturally and automatically, but with honest feeling.  Compliment at least five people a day and compliment those you love at least five times a day.  ” Thank you” is a compliment; “That was helpful” another.  “I’m glad your my friend (lover, mother, brother, son or what ever” another.  Once you make up your mind to practice kindness by complimenting, it gets easier and easier.  Moreover, it will make the world better, another person feel better, and you stronger.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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