AM I A MECHANICAL WOO?   PART THREE.  Did I mention I  found the second hand grip?  Now struggling with three problems.

  1. Getting the basket on.  As the picture shows:  A basket wire interferes with the ability of the attachment stripe  to slide back and forth so cannot allign with bottom strip.
  2. Promised a picture of brake placement and no picture in manual sent to me or in the on-line manual.  Also I cut the zip ties holding the bike cords to the frame, did not see how the brakes could work otherwise, but now want to make sure wires do not get caught in chain and think possible I shouldn’t have cut them.
  3. Need to find an independent bike mechanic to come to my home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and do the final check.  Want to pay an individual not a large firm and don’t want to be charged a gazillion dollars but something fair for both of us.

Have started following the dealer on Twit and hoping this will get me the help I need.  Do love most all about the bike, be happy to serve as WOO (Wise Old One) spokesmen if I can get the last bits of help needed to get riding.

Staying strong by challenging myself and succeeding more than failing. Pretty good for a 74 year old woman.



    • Well, I’m stymied for now, waiting contact from the distributor or manufacturer. Also looking for a local bike mechanic. My mother was the fixer in our family, so following in her foot steps. Not so difficult as one thinks, if you read directions and know your limitations. Like much of life. Thank you again for commenting.

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