Once I cut my long hair short and later my “true love” broke up with me, saying how something as small as a hair cut changed things.  In all honesty I cut my hair to spite him and was neither surprised nor heart-broken when the end came.  His love was what I call “lust love.”  Not based on anything real about who I was, but about my physical appearance.  Lust love is common and can become more.  I think the best relationships are based on lust and friendship–friendship as defined by knowing your weaknesses, but seeing so much more in you that you live out the promise of the you in their eyes.

When lust love dies and nothing is left in its place, there is pain, but there are greater hurts done in the name of love.  That is by those whose lust is for gold or you other material possessions.  Thought of this recently when a friend was widowed.  Thought of it, because I know several friends who lost everything in a marriage that was made by a”Christian” swindler who then walked away.  And, of course, swindler’s come in all sizes, shapes, and sexes, but my friends thought meeting in church guaranteed safety.  Doesn’t.

So this post is from my Granny-nanny-goat self.  That is the self that butts yours and her head against unpleasant truths.  Take heed when looking for love.  Take heed,  particularly when loneliness eats at your heart,  for you are then easy prey.

Here are two links that I thought useful for all seeking love.  The first tells a number of  sad stories, mainly about those of us passed the teenage years, but pretty relevant for anyone who has some material goods others might covet.

Sweetheart Swindle Scams.

This one is a poster directed toward men, but of value again to all.

How to Spot a Gold-digger

The more you want or “need” love, the blinder you become.  And yes we all need love, but one of the best things that happened to me was changing my need for love into a need to love.  The one is always under my control and while it has dangers, the other is a far more slippery and rocky slope.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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