Still trying to get some help from the distributor or manufacturer.  Sending them this as an email.  Have not gotten a helpful response to previous email request, but there is a possiblity they called on David’s cell phone and he missed the call.  Think an email response to me would probably be most helpful, so am seeking that.  Hopefully, my questions will be answered by the manufacturer today and  the weekend will find me moving ahead again.

The primary question involves the chain and the hand brake placement.  This is a picture of the chain as it came from the manufacturer, I think it is correct, David doesn’t.  Moreover, when trying to move the Trike forward, the chain doesn’t move.  Can wheel it around on the back wheels, but not the front and I am enough of a mechanical WOO to not force any movement that doesn’t come easily.  Which is why I want the  manufacturer to clarify this for me.

Am also sending a picture of the back rest seat placement as no directions came with that and although I think my WOO self figured it out, want them to tell me I did.  Not posting that picture here.

Finally, still waiting a picture or more detailed instructions about the hand brake placements.  Picture was  promised in the directions, but darn if I can find one  in what was sent me, in the on-line pictures, or the video.  Hope to hear back so Monday or Tuesday can get the electric motor installed and everything checked out by a local bike mechanic.  Haven’t found one who will come to the house–primarily because the Trike won’t fit in our car and transporting it to a store will not be easy.  Daniel would have to do that and he is overloaded enough these days.

Time will tell, how this small adventure of mine will turn out.  Hoping by next week to show a picture of me tooling around the grounds at Legacy.  Meanwhile, am visiting the gym and using the electronic bike there to start getting my legs in shape.

Stay tune.  Sharing for my pleasure, as always ignore if boring.

Staying strong by challenging myself.


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