From the Downhill Slope

Because I am on a blood thinner a fall is a scary prospect.  I had some dizziness related to my hearing loss, so have to be more careful than most.  Here are two articles, the first posted on facebooks by Glenda Boozer.  This article makes the point about the dangers, but does not offer much in the way of how to keep from falling.  That sent me on a search for practical advice and I found the second article.

More can be done to help seniors prevent falls.

Preventing Falls in the Elderly.

Two final words of advice.  One: I had a bad fall when an open toe sandal  caught on a curb.  I don’t wear open toed shoes any more.

Two:  Loving pets can trip you up.  I try to know where Whisper is at all times.

Stay up right, it keeps you strong.

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