FROM THE DOWNHILL SLOPE.   THERE SHOULD BE A HEMLOCK SOCIETY FOR DOGS.  I posted about pain and pain control for humans earlier this week.  If you have read my blogs fairly constantly you know I am for Assisted Suicide; I believe with all my heart in prolonging life, but not in prolonging death.

We are now  struggling with our beloved dog Whisper’s limping trek on the downhill slope.  She is thirteen or fourteen, still has bright eyes and wags her tail when we are near.  However, she also struggles with getting up, flinches if you reach out to pet her, stumbles and sometimes collapses, has seizures every now and again.  She is on the highest dose of pain medication she can tolerate.  Some days are good, but others not.

Here is her picture in happier days:

Today was a bad day, but now she is sleeping and having a pleasant dream for she is wagging her tail.  We know the time is coming.  Amy and Daniel will help us burying her near their beloved Buddy who moved on last year.

We have been down this road with many pets.  We took our match-maker Brutus to the vet’s and he died in our arms peacefully with David, me and the boys stroking him.   Mostly such trips have been hard, but the inevitable was always   accomplished without distress for our friends.  Most were dogs, our ill cats being allowed outside just walked off into the woods and we hope lay down and died peacefully.

We had the vet come to the house for Luke Skywalker.  He was a Bull Mastiff and our children’s best friend after Brutus.  He had cancer and was fading and on a very cold day went  outside and just wanted to lie in the snow.  I felt he wanted the pain  ended.  The vet agreed to come to the house.  We forced Luke to come inside before the vet arrived.  The end was  terrible, for  the vet kept missing the vein.  I thought how much better it would have been if we had just let him go to sleep in the snow as he seemed to want to.

My concerns for Whisper are that now that pain is a problem, she  hates getting in the car and will go nowhere near it.  Moreover, she has always been shy of strangers.  Now she cringes when strangers come within five feet of her.  Makes me not want to have the vet come here.  I want her to just go to sleep and not wake up.

The other problem, of course, is agreeing that the time has come.  I think it is here, David disagrees. David has always disagreed and I have always been to one to say enough, but not certain enough to force the issue yet.

Keep kind  thoughts for us and hope with me that death comes peacefully.  Thank you.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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