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Currently we can handle our co-pays, but some of our medications are expensive and in time if our income doesn’t rise a bit, we will need help. Know others face not being able to pay and the lack of a universal health plan that assures all of good care breaks my heart.  If you are having trouble paying for you medications here are some ideas that might help.

Caution: when I tried to get help for my hardworking but poor clients, these programs were not always helpful.  Hope there has been improvement, the very poor can get medicaid, the almost okay–I put David and I in that category–can manage but the working poor get hurt the most.  Not fair.

By the way, I love Kevinmd and rely on him for lots of my information regarding health care.  He deserves the accolades he has received and if you want to read his stuff first hand you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook or Sign up for his Blog.  He has lots of great information, a balanced view about health care needs, and great guest bloggers.

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