Found a mechanic who is coming to the house today, was going to do a bit more, but so far not moved to head to the garage.

Finally talked to a mechanic from the manufacturer.  Not very satisfying.  Said didn’t matter that we could not get all four screws into the basket…two would hold it.  My perfectionist’s mind disagreed,  and the basket does wobble a bit.  So F on that one

Apparently we are doing everything else okay and the foot brake was engaged which is why the front wheel wouldn’t move.  As for the grinding noise he said it is just the newness of the chain and will fade.  Maybe a C- on that because I think any manual should have better pictures.  Ah well.  Will see what the mechanic who comes says.  David found him on Craig’s list and he seems knowledgeable and reasonably priced and will be here sometime this afternoon.

Still with holding my final customer support rating, but don’t feel at this stage it was adequate.  No response to any of my e=mails.  Also learned I cannot post about them on their Twitter account because they have to follow me and apparently chose not too.

Pursuing this somewhat because I think customer service is an important measure of a company’s integrity.  Minimally,  I would expect the customer service person to answer my emails.   Understand an mechanic saying forget about the fourth screw, not happy, but do get that.  Remember how one of our foster children took a substantial part of our car apart trying to fix a rattle,  he didn’t ask permission and we were not happy, he did get it put back together but “couldn’t remember where four bolts went.” The car rattled on for four more years.

Staying strong by challenging myself. but mostly how long and hard and frequently I  ride the thing.  Have been doing the exercise bike at the gym to start building my muscles.


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