CONFESSION, I HAVE NOT UPDATED MY WILL OFFICIALLY SINCE THE KIDS WERE IN SCHOOL.  SHAME ON ME. HOW ABOUT YOU?  DO YOU HAVE A WILL?  WHEN WAS IT WRITTEN?  DOES IT NEED UP DATING? Suspect I am not alone in my dereliction to one of life’s most important parental duties and the one we put off because it forces us to think of the unthinkable.

You are far from alone if you avoid thinking about your death.  Moreover, the younger you are, the less you want to think about dying let alone aging. Finally, no parent wants to think about dying and leaving young children in someone else’s care.  Been there and know that.


After reading this article, however, I know I have to write a new will.  I have some personal possessions that I want to make sure get to people who will know how much I loved and thought of them.  One never knows when the G.R. will visit. So for November my Downhill Slope  number one priority is a new will.

Three things those on the downhill slop need to do:

  1. Make a living will so your final  requests about your end of life care have a chance of being honored.
  2. Made a property will to avoid probate and insure your stuff finds the home you want for it.
  3. Get a pre-purchased funeral plan including your grave site so when you die, those left here can mourn your loss and celebrating your life without the added stress of needing to arrange your burial in a hurry.

Not mid-way yet through your life?  You still need a will, particularly if you have children.  A living will is also a good idea.  Pre-paid funeral plans not so necessary.

Hope you are still reading.  Here is the article on probate.

How to Avoid Probate – wikiHow.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Remember what matters: a little bit of painful planning ahead makes the downhill ride less stressful for you and all you love.

Share, Care, and Stay Strong.

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