FUNERALS ARRANGED.  No one died yet, but when one of us does, those left can mourn  instead of rushing around at the last-minute.  Moreover, we will have the funerals we want and I am very happy this is done.  It was on my November to do list.  Here’s how to do it.

First, if you are affiliated with a religious group, get suggestions from them.  Also get suggestions from friends.  Ask for a sales call–some call this  out reach. Interview at least three.  Prices can vary by $2000.   Also the cost of the funeral is separate from the cost of a plot and cemetery up keep.

Sticker price was a shock, more so for David than for me.  But one sales person helped us  cut that by half with a suggestion we take advantage of David’s military service and seek burial in a military cemetery–Dever has a large and lovely one.  Of course, we don’t know where his honorable discharge papers are, but the funeral planner takes care of getting it verified, nice.

I wanted to take care of this several years ago, but then we moved here, so it is just as well we waited.  Hopefully, we will be here until our time comes.  Transporting a body say from Florida to Denver is expensive.  One sales person told a story of a man who died in China and it cost $20, 000 dollars just to get the body back to the US.  We had always dreamed of being aburied in Israel but that cost is at least $70,ooo.  I can think of better uses for that amount of money.  Of course those believing  that is essential for all Jews to be in Israel to bring peace on earth think it is money well spent: they could be right, then I am wrong. However it is a matter of personal belief and choice.  I am sure that for bit more money there are plans that can shift with you if you move.

Any retired person needs to think about this.  Costs keep going up at about  1% a year.  To me that means anyone with grown children should think about what they want  and plan accordingly.    Think of it as a gift to your children.   As one sales person  said, “No child  ever says at a funeral, I’m sorry my parents took care of this.”   I know our kids are happy we did and I am more peaceful.

Share, care, and stay strong.


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