KNOW YOU SHOULD, OFTEN DON’T, WON’T, OR JUST CAN’T?  CRANKY LADY KNOWS ALL ABOUT DON’T, WON’T OR CAN’T.   Here is a fun way some  Silvers, Golden Oldies did what keeps us strong.  They even got a Silver Geezer to join in.

Senior Citizen Flash Mob Performs To ‘Last Christmas’ In Lawrence, Kansas Target (VIDEO).

Exercising really helps build not just physical strength but  emotional strength.  Cranky Old Lady always feels less cranky of she moves her body enough to get her heart going a bit faster.  But doing so means over-coming a number of things:

  1. The inertia of a woven into the fabric, grown in the cushions, and lashed to the springs  couch potato mentality.
  2. Time shortening, retirement is a myth, only gives you time to do all you put off while raising a family, working at a job, doing what you had to do and with little time left to do your thing.
  3. Not liking “Have to do” things.  Who does?
  4. Reality butting in–bad weather, minor illnesses, pulled muscles–all providing excuses for lapsing into Coch Potato Mode.

What helps

The fantastic Silver Slippers Program attached to my Medicare program that gives me free access to the local YMCA.   They even have child care so Ben can play while I try to move my creaky, cranky, sagging, wrinkled body.

  1. Great parks with hiking and biking trails.
  2. Grands to play with, carry, chase after
  3. Dog to walk.
  4. A Cranky Old Man to hike or bike with.
  5. Realizing even if it is a “Have To” it is my choice.
  6. Feeling virtuous when I do the right thing by myself.
  7. Getting that endorphin rush.
  8. Hoping posts like this help at least one other stay strong.

Like care, share, stay strong.


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