He died as he wished all to die. Goodbye, Peter Goodwin.

TOPIC 74 CONTRAST  LIFE OR DEATH?  I love Colorado and all the sun.  I hope to die here.  Have made my funeral arrangements here. I could lose sleep worrying that the kids jobs might someday demand a move.  Try not to worry about what I cannot control. However, if I must move,  I hope it will be to Oregon.  Not that I want all that rain, but I want the right to die when and how I want to. Below is a tribute to Peter Goodwin who

Peter Goodwin Takes Own Life

A quote: .Peter called his accomplishments as chair of the committee to pass the Oregon Death with Dignity Act in the mid 1990s “the most gratifying of my entire life.” He was instrumental in persuading the Oregon Medical Association to remain neutral on the measure. After the law passed, Dr. Goodwin helped launch Compassion & Choices of Oregon and was its first Medical Director.

Thank you, Peter.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Contemplate your death enough to write your living will, write you real will, plan your funearal and where you will be buried;  life allowing prepay both funeral and burial plot. Your survivors will thank you, and you can live knowing how you want death to visit you and how you want to be buried have been recorded which greatly increases the possibility your wishes will be followed.

FUEL MY HOPES: Practice kindness and strengthen both of us.   Like, comment, or share. Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises



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