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David update

For those of you who haven’t seen one of my posts or email updates, the surgery went well.  The mass was larger than expected,  but did not look cancerous.  Bonus, the surgeon was able to repair two small hernias.  Biopsy should be back Friday.

I just talked to him.  He is sitting up, being taken on walks and getting baths and back rubs from the pretty nurses and nurses aides.  Wanted to know why I was  not as  sweet and attentive.  Reminded him I live with him 24/7.  He laughed.  Still has a pain killing drip,  is not allowed any food or water.  Only problem is he has some post nasal drip and coughing hurts.

He wants me to bring the portable computer when I visit later so know he is fine.

Will let all know about the biopsy.

I am fine and have taken advantage of David’s absence to re-arrange the furniture.  Much easier without him around to put in his two cents which usually becomes a dollar or two of ideas, I don’t want to hear.    I claim the right to decorate public spaces to my liking.  He has his office and the bedroom to work on.    Doesn’t keep him from trying to impose.   He comes home Sunday,  and by then I will have all my rearranging completed.  Already happier as I moved the living room TV so when I am at my desk–the living room is also my office,  Now the TV  speaks to my left ear and not the unhearing right.  So I am staying strong while David is getting strong.

Whisper seems a bit depressed.  Wants to go out more often.  Looking for David.  Will be happy when he returns.

Thank you all for your concern and kind comments.

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