TOPIC 80 UNUSUAL  Far too many of my friends and family don’t use technology to stay in touch.  So as an early adopter, I am the fanatic or addict. Found the following article both unusual and useful.  Now if only my family and friends that don’t use computers would read and buy.  Probably would read a snail-mail from me. Ah the time that takes. Maybe during the summer doldrums.  Anyway, here is the article.

How to Select the Right Technology for Seniors.

STAYING STRONG TIP   Sharing is caring and caring strengthens two people.  So if you are able to buy a senior in your life one of these, do so.  If you cannot, do what I do, hope to win the lottery, so I can share more gifts like this.  I know exactly the people who I would gift.

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  1. Good article…using the computer to connect with others has saved more than one of my elderly relatives who would otherwise have very limited contact with others. They just needed a little help getting set up and a few quick lessons, and then the world was at their fingertips.

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