Breathe in focus, Hold, Think. Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

TOPIC 86  THROUGH  About this picture.  This was taken near the top of Mount Evans, one of the 14 thousandfoot  mountains in the Colorado Rockies.  Plants have to somehow stay alive during the long cold winter and make it  through the frost and snow in order to spread their leaves come spring and summer.  This one came through.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Beauty is as much a part of this world as ugliness. It is not always apparent. But by looking for it you can find it.  Consider the picture of above.  The plant was small, easy to step over, easy to pass by.  But  because I had my camera, I was looking for beauty.  There are several sets of physical beauty in the picture.  The rock that sets off the green.  The grain in the rock, the different shades and shapes shown by the leaves.  The sun that changes all the colors and adds  sparkle.

There are others form of beauty in the picture. The march of rocks.  The ones thrown up out of the earth’s core and the ones that once were sand or mud.  The force of life represented by the plant, the constant and on going pushing to exist, to reproduce, to be.

You probably see other sources of beauty.  As is said, “In the eye of the beholder.” Perhaps you see, the majesty of the Creator.  Or maybe the triumph of man.  I cannot see the mountains lifting from the plains, with a catch in my heart for those who walked across the plains, up the mountains and on to the coast.

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