How To Laugh When Angst And Angry

Anger management via funny curses.

One of the most important lessons I learned as a foster parent was how angry words, curses, threats, swear word were all too often the trigger that lead to violence.  The violence level among our foster children dropped by 90% when we got tough on langauge. Tough meant going to your room to cool off and the loss of bonus allowance for good behavior.

I eventually figured out at least one of the reasons why. As many remind us, being heard, having your pain acknowledged is a basic human need.  Pain often gets covered by anger and angry words or angry acts. When one’s early expressions of pain are ignored, anger escalates.

As a therapist when we became foster parents, I suggested we ignore angry words and deal only with angry acts. Bedlam emerged. Then my practical husband, and a dog whisperer, reminded me when a dog growls if you do not heed the growl you will get bitten.  Angry words are the way people growl.

Now the trick becomes how to let the angry person know you have heard. Not easy. But for our foster kids it seemed to be enough to send them to their rooms to calm down. It also helped to say, “I hear your anger, but use it to make things right, not worse.”

An Emotional Fitness Exercise: Start noticing your tendency to curse or swear. Then think about its effect on you. Do you get calmer? Good. Do you stay locked in anger? Not so good. Do you end up doing things you regret? Bad. Learn from the bad.

Next step, take a time out.

Then, use the time out to cool off and self-sooth.

When calm think of a positive way to make things better and that usually involves remembering what matters and practicing kindness.

Emotional Fitness Tip

My eBook, Self-soothing To Create Calm In Your Life remains on sale and is a perfect gift for those who get red in the face from arguing things that do not matter.  Buy one for you and one as a gift and you are spending less than a movie ticket.

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Stay strong, it takes some effort for life can be a painful struggle.


Post Inspiration: This post was not inspired  by the WordPress Daily  Prompt: Mythical.  However one of the harmful myths of our time is that expressing anger is good for your body and being. That is only true when the anger is expressed wisely.

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