Not as in sly, but as in creating something. Knit, crochet, sew, carve, fold paper, paint, draw, write poetry or throw pots on a potter’s wheel.  Improves your emotional fitness.  Double the value when given away as was done here.


“A baby pillow pattern that comforted Marines on the front lines in Iraq is now serving to soften the lives of homeless veterans.

The handmade pillow measures 12 by 16 inches. It’s sewn from light, cotton fabric in many colors and stuffed, not too fully, so it can be rolled.

The pillow is the signature item of the Tampa Area Marine Parents Association (T.A.M.P.A.). Members have been making pillows in patriotic colors for nine years and sending them out with all their care packages for deployed military.”

Thank you blogger Off the Base for pointing me to this.

emotional fitness tHOUGHTS and tips

Don’t think you are the crafty kind? Think again.  Are you on Pinterest? Oh I hope so for it abounds with ideas for adding crafts to your life.  But you don’t have to be  a member to view the boards or pins I suggest.  Here is the link to my Pinterest Board: Laugh Play and Be Crafty.  It has over 200 ideas for laughing and playing; quite a few are crafty ideas.

Click on the link and then click on the board. That should open the pins for you to see. Then you click on a pin to see it up close and if you want to visit the blog and get directions for a crafty idea, you click again and sometimes you have to click again. I know all these clicks might tax some of you, “Don’t worry, Be happy,” move on. I do hope a few who are not yet crafty will explore and then make something. In today’s world much of what we do is not visible. Crafts are.

I make Peace Cranes.  This started when I became interested in the Peace Crane Project and sponsored one as part of Family Support Programs I directed. Parents and kids loved learning to make peace cranes.

Here is the best video for learning out to make these little creatures.

Sorry about the ads, but what can one do.

Peace cranes make wonderful little thank you gifts.  Attach a ribbon and you have a book mark.


The small things I suggest are not going to end all problems or conquor all negative feelings.  Practiced they improve the moment and moments are all we really have.

As usual for all you do to support me and others, thank you.


Disclaimer: I have dysgraphia, a learning disability that peppers my writing with mis-spelling and punctuation errors. All my books are professionally edited. Not so my blog post. Although I use all the grammar and spelling checks, mistakes slip by. If they bother you, seek another source of support for life’s less savory moments.   Life is to short to let problems you can avoid irritate you.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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