My newest book, Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals, has been published on Amazon as an eBook.  This is possibly the most important book I have written. I hope you buy it; it is life-changing.


Many urge setting goals and the book includes a section on how to set what are SMART goals, because properly set goals matter.  However, too many reach their goals only to wonder what is missing.  

You deserve more than a life that finds you saying “Is that all there is?”

Not only to you deserve it, you can get it. However, your goals must align with a passionate personal mission as well as a broader mission.  That broader mission? To do all you can to repair the universe, bring justice and kindness to your corner of the world so all move toward peace.

Sound challenging?  Of course.  Not to worry, the best goals challenge;  and the very best are those that are also possible.  Living a passionate personal mission as described above is possible for all.  The poorest among you, the least educated have just as much opportunity to find their mission as does the richest or the best educated.

I don’t often make promises, but I do promise if you buy, read, and follow the path I’ve laid down, you will live the good life.  



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