Wrote a post, but just not happy with it. So this quote came to mind.  I already posted it on Pinterest, but it is more than worth posting again.  I used to say Practice Imperfection, but someone switched me to thinking about good enough. Moreover, we don’t have to practice imperfection; it is thrust upon us in one way or another. We also have the idea that things have to be perfect thrust upon us.  Perfect bodies, perfect skin, perfectly dressed, perfect at work, perfect at play.  Just typing it makes me weary.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Practice the mantras. “Good enough is good enough.”  It really is you know. 

A FEW WORDS ABOUT PINTEREST  We blog and write because we want to share.  The pleasure of writing may come first, but we want acknowledgement that our words are seen and read.  So many of you have pictures to share, quotes to share,  jokes to share, reviews  of  books to share.  Try Pinterrest.  You can see my stuff by clicking here.  It is a great way to share your stuff and to pin other people’s stuff.

One friend I turned on to Pinterest, noted that is seemed to have a lot of people selling stuff and much of what’s there are clothes and handbags and crafts.  True, but skimming what’s there is easy.  For some of you it will have no value, but for a few others it will.  If you want an invitation, let me know.  If a member invites you, you can start immediately, otherwise you ask to be invited and it might take a day or two.  Not sure why.  But do try it you might like it.  I do.  It allows me to share more than I can in a blog post and sharing is caring.

PRACTICE KINDNESS  Share this with someone you think it might help. That’s caring and caring circles back to you.


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