Gold nuggets and Paula Dean’s macaroni and cheese (via Random Thoughts from Midlife)

A caring daughter copes very well with her parents declining capacities. Brought tears to my eyes- We are all going there if we live long enough AND not all of us have such a caring child. The recipe wasn’t included in the post so here it is.

Sounds good. No wonder Dad remembered it. Also sounds fattening, so I will try tinkering a bit. Thank
you so much for sharing Random Thoughts From Midlife.

Gold nuggets and Paula Dean's macaroni and cheese "I made really good macaroni the other day," my dad says. "I used that hunk of cheese out there," and he nods in the direction of the second refrigerator in the laundry room. I feel like I have just been handed gold nuggets. Dad doesn't speak much anymore, and just hearing his voice form coherent words is a tremendous prize for me. "It wasn't the other day," Mom says, correcting him. She can't help herself. She's trying to be helpful and keep the … Read More

via Random Thoughts from Midlife

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