A Goodbye Letter Controls Your Last Word

Thinking about what matters.

At 82 I spend a bit of time wondering about how I will be remembered when I die. I want my grandchildren to  remember the me who loved and played with them.   I also want them to hold a larger picture of me in their hearts. Selfish? Narcissistic? Vain? Yes, indeed and human.

I also want their children and their children’s children to know the larger me. Also selfish, narcissistic, vain and human.  Also selfish, narcissistic, vain, and human.

I cannot control the future; the meteorologists cannot even predict it. I can, however, write a goodbye letter and live a while longer. So can you.

I have written a general one and am working my way through some personal ones.  Here’s is my general one.

Dear one,

If you are reading this, I have moved on. Hopefully to a better place,  perhaps to a more painful place, perhaps to nothing. We have hints of what happens when we die, but only hints. My hope is that we join the stream of love that is a part of our universe.

When my mother died, I felt her love wrapped around me for several days. She was not always the best of Mom’s, few of us are; I felt she hovered around to let me know that she loved me and regretted her not so perfect ways. Now when I remember her, I feel her love. Since her death, I have come to face that, I only knew part of all she was. I didn’t know her life beyond our in life-time togetherness as well as some of the tales she shared. I did not know her dreams, how the outside world saw her,

The same with my father. And when he died, he left a message for me in a dream. He left it the night he died and before I knew he was dead.  The message? “Do not worry, I am going ahead, and will wait for you.” That was over forty years ago.

So I have a bit of faith that we move on to another world and perhaps to live a life that moves us toward a final resting place when we have learned to live as “The love of all” wants us to live.  I hope for reincarnation at a better level.

This is not my obituary, which is the record of a person’s life journey in terms of what this world usually honored.  This is about some of the lessons I have learned that I hope will make your way through this life a bit better.

This life is all we are guaranteed and it will end sooner than you expect.

You will be betrayed and often by those who love you the most. Forgive.

You will betray and often those you love the most.

Forgive yourself and do better.

Heal your wounds: look for the lessons.

Be grateful, laugh, play, create, indulge in healthy pleasures; practice kindness, remember what matters.

I made my life mission “Being kind.” I did not always succeed, but when I did, my life was good.

I was fortunate that some of my writings were published,  If you want can learn more about me from one of those books if they are still around somewhere.

Love always, forgive always, and remember the good.

Me, by whatever name you knew me: Vaughan, Kathy, Kat, Professor, Chrysanthemum, Katherine, Dahlia, Mom, Grandma, Granny-kat, or Katherine Gordy Levine.

Another way to be remembered by children and grandchildren: leave at least one legacy box filled with pictures, memorabilia and personal goodbye letters for each child or grandchild.

Practice kindness by reading, liking, commenting or sharing this post.  For additional advice and tips visit my Amazon Author’s page. My eBooks are priced ninety-nine cents and up. Paperback books are a bit higher, but still reasonable.


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