George Carlin  remarked, “…. the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we’re kids?”  #EmotionalIntelligence involves making the best of what is.

Picture of elderly couple and their dog.

The main man in my life, David not Punky, and me. The Punk is a teen; the humans have moved from the new old to the old stage.

This post inspired by WordPress’ DAILY PROMPT Age-Old Questions “Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore?

I am pushing 80; it has taken years to get here.   And although  I would like the body, I had at 24, 34,  44 or even 64  I want that body only if I can  keep all I have experienced and learned from then to now. Will not happen.

Don’t think I am anti-young.  Never.  I love the young, the younger the better.  Love my grands, love the other kids in my life.  .I love flirting with the young men checking me out on-line at the food stores.  I like when I can make them laugh or blush with pleasure at the compliment I hurl at them. I am delighted some of the “kids” I knew during my sons growing up years, have friended me on Facebook.  Even more delighted when one of them likes something I say or actually comments on one of my posts.  The young give me hope, inspire, often make my day.

But, that said, I get the  fear attached to aging.  I understand the difficulties of those approaching whatever years means they have passed from youth to middle age or  middle age to the new old or that age to old age and finally to frail old age.

I know when I look around while out and about, that I am  old and moving toward frail old.  Not happy, however, denying reality is not the hall-mark of emotional intelligence.

Nor is aging what bothers me most.  What I hate most is becoming invisible.  We humans thrive on the recognition of our kind.  Explains why as we age and those who knew us when and knew us best fade from our lives, some of us become cat ladies or dog men.  Sad, but the way life is in our youth oriented culture.  I do see as the boomers continue to age, the veneration of youth is hitting a slightly better balance. Love that Jamie Lee Curtis is displaying all her wrinkles.   Still the balance continues to venerate the young.

Have you noticed how many ads on television have the pre-schoolers lecturer parents and grand parents?  Scarier are the one that show the kindergarten set driving their daddy’s car.

To be balanced  we need the new visions of the young, but experienced wisdom of the old.

An Emotional Fitness Tip

What to do?  This is what has worked for me and what is the heart of Emotional Fitness Training: Know your mission, follow your mission, and make certain it aligns with The Mission.  Then live so that when old or frail old comes you can be proud of the path you have taken.

For those who do not follow blogs, The Mission is practicing kindness and to all.  The sages have preached it for years and the researchers find those wise old ones knew what mattered most. Here is the EFTI poster coach setting forth the sages sense of mission.


Be thankful for all the years you have lived, for now, and for however more years are granted you.  Now is not forever, and often all we have.

Practice kindness, work every way you can to abolish hate.  Help me do the same by  liking, sharing, or commenting.


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  1. What a great attitude towards aging. I really hope to have that outlook too, and try to live today, to stay strong. Stay aware, and not be limited by age or be like some who says, “oh, I can’t do that, I’m too old!” but then again, it does get me down when I see those slight changes to my face, or how foods affect me, or sleep, or eyesight (just bought my first pair of readers!).. thankfully my energy level hasn’t failed me yet, But I get totally perplexed about how to “fix” everything when I notice it. The thing is, I need to accept there is nothing really to fix–and that we are supposed to age 🙂 thanks for your enlightening post.

    • Thank you for your comments. It is hard and only gets harder, but hopefully you have some reserves to draw on. Have you checked out my easy emotional fitness exercise. The four easiest (once learned) are described here and are part of what has helped me keep going that and blogging and blogger friends. Stay strong. Do what you can and enjoy all you can, life at any time is a gift.

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  4. Wonderful post. My mother is almost 80, and she has been feeling a lot of frustration at becoming what she calls useless. She is far from useless, but I understand what she is saying. She still has the drive to do everything she used to do, but her body will not cooperate!

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