Guilty? Try the Two-step Guilt Disposal Dance.

Guilt is one of the bad and sad emotions sapping  the good from life.  Guilt weakens your #emotionalintelligence.  Guilt is at its worse when remembering things past.  Here’s how to dump past guilts. First today’s emotional fitness laugh.

#emotionalintelligence post focuses on eliminating guilt.

All too often, guilt means accepting too much personal responsibility.

Guilt serves as one of the life force’s way of keeping us doing right; shame being, its strong, bigger sibling. Both serve as barriers to wrong action.

Fact of life: the barriers do not always hold. Sometimes the barriers fall because the desire to do what we want is stronger than the guilt – we violate our code of honor. Sometimes the barriers fall because we do not control all that happens in the world.

When we fail to do what our educated hearts say is right, guilt and shame visit as the life force’s punishments.

EMOTIONAL FITNESS Thoughts and tips

Guilt over things past is mostly useless guilt.  The past is one of the things we do not control. We only control our feelings and thoughts about the past. Past guilts can be plowed for useful lessons, but otherwise serve no purpose.

Emotional Fitness Training says if a past guilt is dancing in your heart, do EFTI’s  two-step stomping on guilt dance.

First step: Check reality. That means assessing who was hurt, how, how much, and is the hurt on-going.

Second step: Put guilt in its place;stop on-going hurtful behavior,  make an amends for past hurts, practice self forgiveness, and go on.  

Sounds easy? Of course. Most advice sounds easy. But it isn’t.  Practicing a Daily Emotional Fitness Exercise Program helps.  Haven’t visited the EFTI Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises Page? Take a peek here. Learning the exercises takes a bit of effort, but once learned all can be practiced in a minute or less.

Bonus: Each exercise also serves to sooth jangled nerves.

STAy Strong

You can get a digital copy of the  12 Easy Exercises Poster Coach at the EFTI Store.  

FG staying strong

Download it and post it where you will see it throughout the day. Every time you see it, do one or another exercise.   

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas on the internet. 


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    • Yes, hard to know who. As a foster parent, my strategy was to trust with boundary limitations and then wait and see. Most of the kids were good to go, a few showed they could not resist temptation or had needs that made them untrust worthy. One or two were very good at being charming but more than willing to engage in very bad behavior whenever they could. Trust is earned, and even then needs can cause violations. Thank you for commenting.

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