Me too. Well, at least when there are other things I would rather do.  Found this article today, surfing which is  something I can “Just Do.”  The article although geared for businesses is  quick read and makes sense.

Action Trumps Everything (If You Don’t Know What To Do) Here Are 13 Reasons Why – Forbes.

Here’s my favorite: If you act, you won’t spend the rest of your life going, “I wonder what would have happened if . . .”

Now here is the Emotional Fitness tidbit.  Feelings are signals and calls to action.  Feelings want you to act quickly.  Not always wise. When it comes to dealing with a negative feeling, the experts say “Don’t.”  By that, the experts mean, “Don’t do what the feeling suggests.”  “Act against the feeling.”

Fear says run away.” Acting against fear means running toward what you fear.  Guilt says don’t. Acting against guilt says “Do.”  Shame says sink into the ground, acting against shame involves  standing tall. Anger says “Fight.” Acting against anger calls for being kind and caring, making peace.

One of my favorite stories about acting against a feeling was told at a Religious Society of Friends Workshop.  It was late, a woman was walking home alone, carrying several bags of grocery.  She heard footsteps behind her. She walked faster, the food steps came faster.

As she felt the person right behind her, she turned and said,  “I’m so glad your here, I need help with these groceries.”

She held the bags out to the man. With a shrug, he took them and carried them to her apartment door. She unlocked the door, took the bags from him and said, “Thank you.”

He mumbled a “Your welcome” and left.

Now, she was lucky. Acting against the feeling worked.  Not always, but most of the time it serves you better than doing what the feeling wants.

STAYING STRONG TIP  When a negative feeling is pushing you to act, take a calming breath, stop, do a quick reality check, and decide how to act.  Deciding is key.  Most often, the best choice will  be to act against the feeling.

PRACTICE KINDNESS  Share this post with another. Kindness is a circle coming back to the giver.


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