Hoping for the best, preparing for the worse

DAILY POST CHALLENGE:  The theme of the week is Hope.  Suddenly none of my posts are appearing on Post a Day or the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I assume I am not tagging them properly.  Have tried many things, nothing working.  I know this one was  a good post and should have appeared under the photo challenge as HOPE or the Daily Post.  Sigh makes me paranoid and cranky, but am changing the tags and hoping for the best.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Dreaming of smashing my computer eases my crankiness.  Was it the Catholic church that said thoughts were the same as actions or punish bad thoughts the same as bad deeds?  Not fair and would be labeled by some as delusional.  Piaget, who studied how children think, called thinking thoughts were the equivalent of behavior pre-operational thought processes.  I call it magical thinking.

Piaget thought everyone grew out of such beliefs by the age of six or seven.  That is when most children gain enough control when the capacity to think logically began to bloom. Sadly, negative emotions and stress push most of us back to magical thinking.

The tip: Do a quick reality check before acting on a feeling.  Take a calming breath and ask yourself am I acting on reason or emotion? Moreover, all the studies show that if the most logical people think they are acting on reason, and most of the time we act on emotion.  So also ask before acting, is this going to make thinks better or worse?  And the question that matters most? Will anyone be hurt?  And that includes you.  Most often when we act on our emotions without careful thought we hurt or get hurt.

Thinking before acting keeps you from being described as  anonymous described a friend, “He fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

PRACTICE KINDNESS:  If this post does not make it to the Daily Post and you can help me figure out why, please share your thoughts.


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    • Have used a number of different tags. Let me know which you use to get on The Daily Post Challenge and the Weekly Photo Challenge. If yours are successful that may solve the problem. Think I will create a Cranky Old Lady Kindness Badge and you will be recipiant number one. But after my novel is finished. Thank you, Thank you.

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